Saronsberg Provenance Earth in Motion 2014

It’s always great to have a story to tell and this is the unique story of SARONSBERG PROVENANCE EARTH IN MOTION 2014.

During the night of 29 September 1969 most of the picturesque little town of Tulbagh and surrounding area was severely damaged by the largest recorded earthquake in South African history. The occasional tremor can still be felt underfoot throughout the valley and it is in this distinctive terroir that Saronsberg has proven the region’s capacity for producing outstanding online casino wines.

Nick van Huyssteen’s dream of building a wine farm led to his acquiring Saronsberg in 2002.

Saronsberg has a unique diversity of terroir as the farm consists of two distinct parts (originally named Waveren and Welgegund (Die Erf), remnants of the historical Twee Jonge Gezellen) that stretch from the centre of the valley right up the Saronsberg, the mountain after which the farm was named. The broad disparateness in altitude, aspect, soil type and temperature produces grapes with contrasting characteristics.

The blend of the Earth in Motion 2014 is Chenin Blanc and Sauvignon Blanc, the Sauvignon Blanc is grown on the highest lying farm Welgegund(Die Erf) and the Chenin Blanc on Waveren situated in the valley floor.