Saronsberg Full Circle 2012 wins Big…, Again!

We’re proud to announce that the Saronsberg Full Circle 2012 wine has been awarded the Bacchus Trophy in the Taj Classic Wine Trophy 2015 awards on 6 March 2015.

This award follows on the heels of the 2012 Vintage, which took home Gold in the Michelangelo International Wine Awards (2014), and Double Gold in the Veritas 2014 awards.

Saronsberg”s Full Circle 2012 is the product of hand-picked grapes that are force-cooled to 4 °C. After a rigorous dejuicing nbso online casino reviews and fermentation process, the wines are given a low sulphur dose and left for 11 months. After another 20 months in a barrel, the wine is racked and filtered, before being bottled for the public to enjoy.

Saronsberg is committed to quality wine-making and the Bacchus Trophy joins an extensive list of Saronsberg wine awards.