Michelangelo International Wine & Spirits Awards 2015

Now in its 19th year, the Michelangelo is the only wine competition in South Africa with an exclusive international panel of accredited wine judges, wine makers, wine masters, journalists and sommeliers.

This year 17 international wine and spirits specialists from 15 countries were joined by local judge, Gregory Mutambe and brandy and spirits judges, Dave Hughes and Dr Caroline Snyman, to judge the entries over 6 days in mid- August.


A total of 1665 entries from 364 producers were entered in a total of 48 classes, including liqueurs, brandy and grappa. Since 2014 the Michelangelo has brought a panel of liqueur and spirits specialist to South Africa to judge entries in these classes as part of the competition’s annual line-up.


At the record-attendance awards function on Friday, Lorraine Immelman, founder and owner of the Michelangelo International Wine & Spirits Awards commented on the consistently high number of entries received: “This is an indication of the wine industry’s dramatic move to international markets over the past decade. As the world becomes smaller and the South African market becomes more and more saturated, producers have to investigate ways of increasing exports of their products.
“Michelangelo offers them the opportunity to gauge the international market and find those products which will appeal to international palates. We believe that a wine which has fared well in Michelangelo will be well accepted in countries”.


Using the international 100 point system in the blind tastings, the judges awarded a total of 596 medals which represent just over a third of entries (as per the international rules to which the Michelangelo ascribes).


On Friday the 18th of September 2015, Saronsberg was awarded the following 6 awards:

  • Provenance Rooi 2012
  • Saronsberg Seismic 2012
  • Saronsberg Viognier 2014
  • Saronsberg Grenache 2012
  • Saronsberg Viognier 2013
  • Saronsberg Shiraz 2013


Source: Michelangelo Awards